Product FAQ


What are my options?

A good hob is a must in every kitchen.  Having a separate hob from your oven allows for greater flexibility. Gas and electric have been long standing choices but you may want to consider alternative options such as induction.

Gas hobs come in varying sizes from 30cm domino, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and extra-wide 90cm.  Models vary in the number of burners they have too, some with 5 burner hobs with a 'wok' designed to cater for those who have several pans on the go at once. Gas on black glass ceramic hob is an increasingly popular choice.

What are domino hobs?

You can combine independent hobs to create your own custom large-scale cooktop or separate the different elements into independent cooking stations.  Domino hobs allow you to customise your worktops.  A separate steamer, grill or induction cooktop in addition to a traditional gas range is many a home cook's ultimate dream setup.

What are the benefits of a gas hob?

Traditional gas hobs are a popular choice and are still preferred by many, because having a visible flame allows you to control the heat output more precisely. Another difference between gas cooktops and electric ones is that gas cooktop power is measured in BTUs.

What are electric hobs?

Conventional electric hobs or sealed plate hobs (with cast iron cook plates) heat up more slowly than gas hobs but are very reliable and have easy clean enamel cook tops.

What is a ceramic hob?

These have a distinctive ring pattern when lit. These combine the elegance and good looks of a smooth glass finish with a highly practical, easy-to-clean surface.A ceramic hob heats and cools down gradually than an induction hob.  It has sleek ceramic glass surface.

How does an induction hob work?

It works by heating the pan not the hob, so heat is only conducted once the electro-magnetic coils beneath the hob's surface come into contact with a suitable pan.   Induction hobs heat up instantly and provide very precise temperature control.

What type of food can I cook with induction?

Induction is perfect for high heat cooking - some manufacturers also offer wok induction hobs - as well as low temperature cooking for sauces and melting chocolate.

How do I know if my pans are compatible?

Take the magnet test. If it sticks to the bottom of the pan, it's suitable to use

What are the benefits of an induction hob?

The latest trend is for induction, which is energy efficient, ultra-quick and safe, making it the perfect choice for families with young children.



Having a separate oven offers you great flexibility with your kitchen layout. Many people prefer raised ovens rather than having to bend down to use a range oven.

What is a single oven?
A single oven has one cooking unit; these can be built into the kitchen furniture at eye level or under the work surface.

What is a double oven?
A double oven has two cooking units for simultaneous grilling and baking and can be built into the kitchen furniture at eye level or under the work surface.   These offer great flexibility as well as extra capacity, as you can set each oven differently. Most are built-in with a full-sized multifunction or fan oven below a smaller economy conventional oven with the grill element.

What is a built-in oven?

A built in oven means that it is built into your kitchen furniture at eye level

What is a Built-under oven?
A built-under oven means that it is built under your work surface so that you can have the hob immediately above, saving space.

What is a conventional oven?
A conventional oven is hotter at the top than at the bottom, so you can use the top for food, which can be cooked quickly; the thermostat controls the heat in the middle.  These ovens also take time to reach cooking temperature, so need to be pre-heated.

What is a fan oven?
A fan oven circulates the warm air all around the oven, to all corners of the oven, therefore food is cooked evenly and cooking time is reduced.The temperature throughout is even and the oven heats up very quickly, reducing cooking times and thus saving energy

What is a multifunction oven?
A multifunction oven has the option of fan or conventional cooking, grilling or fan grilling and gives more versatile cooking options.These give complete flexibility of cooking, using combinations of different heating elements and a fan to present heat to the food.   These ovens may also have other cooking modes such as bottom heat only (for crisping pies, pizza bases etc.) or top heat only (for browning). A rotisserie may also be a feature (the best for meat joints, allowing self-basting), and even a defrost setting which uses the fan and is ideal for meat or delicate foods such as a gateau.

What is a gas oven?

Most gas ovens are heated by a flame at the rear of the base, with the gas being ignited by an electric spark. The hot air circulates as it rises, but the top of the oven will always be hotter. Gas gives off moisture in cooking so it's especially good for cake baking.

What is a steam oven?

Steam ovens are a fabulous new addition to the appliance market. Healthy cooking, moisture without added fat and being able to proof bread are just some of the perks that come with this clever unit.Steam ovens also offer a versatile way to cook, as they can be used for all sorts of dishes from fish, vegetables and rice to cakes, puddings and sauces, retaining food's nutrients and vitamins for a healthy lifestyle.

What is a popular layout for my oven and microwave?

A single oven, microwave and warming drawer combination is a popular one and is seen more frequently in modern and contemporary kitchens.  This setup is also a great way to make the room for all three of these appliances. This arrangements offers a more streamlined look, where the built-in oven can be integrated at eye level, which is kinder on the back next.

What other features are worth looking out for?

Whether you prefer a single or double oven, look for automatic programmes that take the guesswork out of cooking by suggesting the time, temperature and oven shelf for your dish; memory functions so you can cook your favourites at the touch of a button and Pyrolytic self-cleaning, which burns fat and grease at 500˚C, leaving a fine ash to simply wipe away.

One thing to remember is to always check the cooking capacity. Single and double ovens have the same dimensions on the outside but the internal capacity will vary and the bigger, the better.



What features are important?

Every kitchen needs efficient extraction and whilst it's easy to get carried away by style and design alone, it's important to choose the right extraction rate for your room. This is measured in cubic metres per hour (m3/h) and you can work this out by multiplying the volume of your kitchen (length by width by height in metres) by ten - this gives you the minimum extraction rate your kitchen needs, as the air needs to be changed ten times an hour.

Look for a model with a low decibel (dB) rating too, especially if you have an open-plan scheme, as you don't want a noisy cooker hood drowning out your conversation. Anything between 50dB and 60dB is considered quiet.

What is a freestanding hood?

The Free-standing cooker hood, usually supplied with charcoal filter included, are at very competitive prices and are available in 60 and 90cm widths.  These may be single or twin motor. 

What are integrated cooker hoods?

The Integrated cooker hood, most popular size 60cm.These are competitively priced model that fits in between two overhead cupboards. As you pull out the hood front, the hood turns itself on. These are hidden from use view when not in use.  Opening and closing the door switches the fan on and off and also activates the cooker hood lights to illuminate the cooking surface

What are built-in and canopy Hoods?

These are fitted into the base plate of wooden or metal canopies.  Available in both 60 and 80cm widths, with single or twin motors.  These models are only visible when viewed from below as they are generally fitted into specially made decorative canopies.

What are ceiling mounted chimney hoods?

These are feature hoods that are installed onto a ceiling, (which has be reinforced to take the weight) in an Island situation or above a hob that has been installed on a run of bass units against to the wall

Chimney hoods are highly visible, high tech models that are used as features within the kitchen.  These hoods mainly feature halogen or fluorescent lamps and very high performance fan motor systems.  Accessories such as spice racks, utensil rails and back plates are available to enhance the appearance of these models. 

Classic Canopy and Cove designed to enhance range style cookers. Available in 7 colours and stainless steel.

What is an island hood?
An island hood is perfect for suspending over a central island unit. The canopy hood is designed to fit neatly into the base of an overhead canopy

What are downdraft hoods?

The latest trends are for downdraft extractors that are installed into the worktop and sit behind the hob, rising effortlessly from the worktop when needed.



What is a freestanding microwave?
Freestanding microwaves can sit neatly on your worktop

What is an integrated microwave?
Integrated microwaves are designed to be built into wall cupboards to save on space on a worktop and require a frame kit

Why choose a microwave?

You can create more cooking flexibility by adding a microwave to a bank of built-in appliances.Many manufacturers offer a compact collection of microwaves, steam ovens, coffee machines and wine coolers with a 45cm height instead of the traditional 60cm.

Why choose a combination microwave oven?

If you're unsure which oven would best complement a single or double oven, a combination microwave will allow you to bake, grill and roast and can be used to supplement the main oven when entertaining or cooking on a large scale.



What is a fully integrated dishwasher?

These dishwashers have controls in the top edges of the door and integrate perfectly into furniture units when the door is closed. 

What is a semi Integrated dishwasher?

'Semi-Integrated' dishwashers have exposed control panels, which align with the drawer line on surrounding furniture. 

What are the benefits of having a dishwasher?

Dishwashers actually use less water than washing-up by hand and the latest models offer a range of water-saving features to conserve water and energy, too.

What sizes to dishwashers come in?

Compact- Ideal if you are a single person living alone. 45cm slim line dishwasher- ideal if you are a couple or a small family. 60cm built-in-ideal if you are a large family.

What do I need to consider when buying a dishwasher?

Think about your needs in terms of how many place settings you want, which programmes would be useful and whether you would benefit from adjustable baskets and racks. Most full sized models offer 12-15 place settings though you can find larger capacities and for smaller kitchens.  You also need to consider their energy rating, washing performance and drying performance.  Most dishwashers are now A+ energy rating and have low water consumption. Additionally, you need to look at the noise level of the dishwasher, choose one with a low noise level.  Having its own cutlery drawer is also a bonus as the cutlery, cooking utensils and espresso cups need no longer be placed in the main baskets resulting in better use of space and increased efficiency.



What is an Integrated built-in or built-under fridge/freezer?

Integrated fridges and/or freezers are built into your kitchen so it does not stand out and so looks like a normal cupboard. Ensure you have the correct size of integrated cooling appliance. The built-in fridge/freezers can be installed at eye level, enabling contents to be checked at a glance. Built-under fridges and freezers fit conveniently under the worktop.

What is a larder Fridge?

These have no ice compartment and are thus ideal for twinning with a freezer.

What is an Icebox fridge?

These have an ice making and frozen food storage compartment ideal for storing a limited quantity of frozen food items.

What are American style side-by-side fridge/freezers?

American style 'side-by-side' fridge freezers bring a new dimension to home refrigeration, with USA style, 'No frost' hygiene and big capacity convenience.

What do I need to consider when buying refrigeration?

There are loads of new features in the refrigeration world to benefit all kinds of households.  When selecting your ideal fridge or freezer check to see what its energy rating is. Refrigeration is rated for energy efficiency with A+++ being the most efficient.  Most new fridge freezers are at least A+ energy, and all are CFC free.  Remember that your fridge is switched on 24/7, so it's important to choose the most efficient model for your budget.

The next important thing to look for is capacity.  Think about your storage needs - do you buy more fresh or frozen food? This will determine whether you opt for a built under fridge/freezer, a 50/50 fridge-freezer, a tall larder fridge and separate freezer or an American-style side-by-side model.

Other features to look for include humidity controlled drawers to keep meat, fish, vegetables and dairy fresh for up to three times longer; antibacterial linings to prevent mould growth; multi airflow cooling, which electronically adjusts the flow of cold air throughout the fridge to keep food at a safe temperature and for added convenience, an ice and water dispenser.

What is Auto Defrost?

Auto Defrost automatically defrosts the fridge/freezer at regular intervals without the need to switch off the appliance or remove the food stored.

What is Frost Free?

Frost free is an innovative system eliminates the formation of ice on food and the freezer interior. 

What is Fast Freeze?

Fast Freezer function rapidly lowers the temperature ensuring that fresh food is frozen quickly.



What are range cookers?

Range cookers are freestanding appliances that can be planned into fitted or semi-fitted kitchens.

What sizes do they come in?

They come in widths of 50 to 150cm, with most models having twin ovens arranged side by side.90cm, 100cm or 110cm widths and are perfect for larger kitchens and great for roasts and slow cooking.For smaller kitchens there are plenty of compact slot-in cookers available in a 60cm width.

What style of range cooker?

Freestanding range cookers can be used to make a statement with a professional stainless steel finish or colourful enamelled design and you can choose from a single or double oven model with warming drawer and hob in a fuel of your choice. The latest models offer an induction top teamed with gas or electric oven below. Some range cookers are designed to look like traditional cooking ranges found in rustic country kitchens.

What’s the most important thing to consider?

The fuel source is the most important thing to consider gas, electric or dual fuel. The hob can have both gas and electric burners, and specialist burners or hot plates.  An extra-fast wok burner is excellent for cooking stir fries, or a cast iron griddle can be used for searing fish and meat. Choose a range cooker with a fan oven plus a conventional oven for maximum cooking flexibility and control.


What is a freestanding washing machine?

Freestanding washing machines still remain the most popular choice when buying a washing machine. 

What is an integrated washer dryer?

These washer dryers integrate perfectly into furniture units when the door is closed so they are out of sight.

What do I need to consider when buying a washing machine?

Look out for models with large capacity drums (the bigger the drum, the more you can wash), advanced washing cycles and highly efficient energy ratings to reduced noise levels and fast spin speeds.

What do I need to consider when buying a washer dryer?

If you haven’t got room for a separate tumble dryer then a washer dryer could be the option for you.
Washer dryers now offer improved energy efficiency, as well as special programmes such as half load and quick wash.   Wash and dry capacity determines how many items the machine can wash and dry respectively (Wash capacity will always be higher than drying capacity), while spin speed can make a difference to drying times. Check appliance energy ratings to see which machine will help cut costs for you. Consider an appliance that can perform wash and dry programmes within the same cycle to save time. 

What do I need to consider when buying a tumble dryer?

Models vary and some have sensor drying, adjustable temperatures and some are condenser, vented and heat pump models. Most tumble dryers feature a filter - often inside the door - which collects stray fibres and must be regularly cleaned to maintain best drying performance. The range of drying programmes are an important feature, as is energy efficiency which is helps savings on household bills and reducing your environmental impact. 

What are vented tumble dryers?

Vented tumble dryers have hoses that take the damp air produced by the drying process outside, so are restricted where you can put them. You either have to put a large hole in an outside wall, or dangle the hose attractively out of an open window. Vented machines are often cheaper to buy than condenser models and sometimes cost less to run.  

What are condenser tumble dryers?

They work by converting the moist air into water, diverting it to a tank, which is then emptied regularly.  You’ll enjoy the freedom of installing them wherever you want as they don’t require an externally vented hose.  They have improved in energy efficiency in recent years.

What are heat pump tumble dryers?

Gas and heat pump tumble dryers are less common than standard vented and condenser models - but cost half as much to run compared to other dryers. They use heat pump technology and are the most energy-efficient condenser dryers on the market. They are also very gentle on your clothes and extremely quiet.



What size are freestanding cookers?

All freestanding cookers are roughly the same height and depth and they come in three standard widths - 50cm, 55cm and 60cm - so check what space you have available in your kitchen.

What fuel source are freestanding cookers?

Gas, electric and dual-fuel cookers and some with fast-heating induction hobs.Most freestanding cookers come with a four-ring gas or electric hob, an oven and a separate grill. The cheapest have just one oven including a combined grill, which means you won't be able to use both at the same time. If you go for a cooker with two ovens, then a grill will be inside at least one of them. 

Can I still buy a freestanding cookers with eye-level grills?

They are few and far between these days, but are still available if you are keen to have one.

Gas or electric? What cooker fuel should I go for?

Unless you have a strong preference for gas or electric, it makes sense to stick with the fuel type you already have the wiring or plumbing for in your kitchen. Gas is cheaper to cook with, but cooking is not one of the bigger contributors to most people's energy bills.

What is an electric freestanding cookers?

Most electric freestanding cookers have the advantage of oven fans, which help to spread the heat around the oven cavity. If your cooker has an oven fan, it’s going to heat up more quickly - and you can reduce the cooking temperature and cooking times.

What is an electric induction freestanding cookers?

Electric freestanding cookers with an induction hob heat quickly and efficiently - and when you cook with induction, the hob zones themselves don’t get hot. But you’ll need iron-based pans, such as stainless steel, if you’re cooking on an induction hob. If a fridge magnet sticks to a pan, then it will work on an induction hob.

What is a Gas freestanding cooker?

Gas freestanding cookers are the cheapest to cook with and the hobs on gas cookers are easy to control and provide instant heat when you need it.

What is a dual-fuel freestanding cookers?

These come with a gas hob and an electric oven provide the best of both worlds for some people, with an easy-to-control and quick-to-heat gas hob, and an electric oven that heats evenly. Gas and dual-fuel cookers will need to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

What features to look out for?

Automatic ignition: most gas burners ignite automatically when the burner knob is pushed. These are more convenient to use than a separate ignition.

Catalytic self-cleaning: catalytic self-cleaning linings absorb oven spills and splashes, break them down and burn them off during cooking.

Fan oven: most electric cookers come with a fan to distribute the heat evenly around the oven. On cookers with two electric ovens, one usually has a fan and the other is conventionally heated by upper and lower heating elements.

Flame supervision devices (FSD): an FSD will shut off the supply of gas should a burner fail to ignite or get blown out.

Multi-function oven: many freestanding cookers come with multifunction ovens, which allow you to cook with a variety of heat sources independently or in combination, such as the grill and fan together.

Programmable ovens: these turn the cooker on, time you’re cooking and will turn the cooker off when the food is done.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning: cookers with a pyrolytic self-cleaning program heat to around 400°C and incinerate oven waste. All you need to do afterwards is sweep away the ash. If a cooker comes with pyrolytic self-cleaning, this will be shown on the dial or the control panel. Bear in mind that you'll usually need to clean the shelves and oven door yourself.

Thermostat indicator: on electric cookers, there is usually a light that turns off when the oven senses it has reached the desired temperature.



Why choose a wine cooler?

Choose an appliance that suits your wine tastes and storage needs - too warm and the wine will age faster; too cool and deposits can build up. Keeping your wine in the right conditions ensures that it matures properly. Think about how many bottles you need to store and the space you have available.

What is the best way to store the bottles?

Bottles should also be stored on their side to keep the cork moist and prevent air from entering. Screw cap bottles and sparkling wines can be stored upright.

What capacity wine cooler do you need?

Think about how much you need to store: units which fit under the worktops will carry no more than about 40 bottles – just over 3 cases. Also, consider the type of wine you’ll buy: most units are designed to take Bordeaux-size bottles. If your taste is for champagne or Burgundy, with their wider and thicker bottles, you’ll be able to store fewer.

Do red and white wines require different storage temperatures?

You generally store white wine at 10-12°C, and reds at 12-16°C.

What is adjustable temperature zones?  

Buy a model with at least two zones if you want to store different types so you can keep champagne on the bottom shelf, with your claret on the top shelf.

Why is humidity and cooling important?

Proper humidity is just as important: too dry and the corks will dry out; too damp, and mould could form. Superior models will maintain the correct humidity, as well as keeping the air well ventilated. Some even have charcoal filters, which prevent contamination of the wine and remove odours from the air.

What shelf configuration do I need to look out for?

Entry-level models tend to have fixed shelvingtop-of-the-range designs even boast telescopic shelves that slide out so you can inspect your vintages easily.Shelves can also be adjustable – useful if you want to store extra bubbly for a party - and be made from wood or high-quality chrome.

Why are the doors important?

Glass doors may let you show off your wine but they don’t insulate as well as solid. If you want a glass door, then check whether it’s UV-protected. This means the wine won’t be affected by sunlight, which can damage wine.  Also, check if the doors are reversible.



What is a warming drawer?

This is a draw that keeps foods, drinks and dishes warm and is also perfect for warming through bread, soup or pastries.  A warming drawer is a great place to allow homemade bread to rise and prove in a controlled environment.

Why choose a warming drawer?

The food is ready on time, but the guests have not arrived yet? In situations like this you can depend warming drawers or if you’re hosting a dinner party, potatoes or vegetables can be kept warm until the meat is cooked through - handy for those who struggle to cope with timings in the kitchen!

What size do warming drawers come in?

They come in either 140mm, 150mm or 290mm high. The size depends on how much space you have in your kitchen and what you intend on using the drawer for. If you plan on using it to prove bread, the larger size may be more suitable to allow that dough room to rise.

Where are the warming drawers located?

They are usually placed above or below your existing compact appliances such as steam oven, microwave, and coffee machine. 

What features shall I look out for?

Look out for temperature range from 30˚C to 80˚C, Electronic rotary temperature control and bottom and fan heating



What is a built-in coffee machine?

These are built-in fully automatic coffee makers that give you a personal coffee so you can enjoy delicious barista-style drinks right in your home. Their compact dimensions means they fit easily into your kitchen.

Where do you install the coffee machines?

Install your coffee maker in a tall unit for easy operation while standing. The coffee machines coordinate perfectly with other built-in appliances, such as compact ovens and compact microwaves and warming drawers



What do I need to consider when buying a kitchen sink?

Functionality is something that you need to consider alongside style. Think carefully about the material and colour that you want.Space is also a key factor that you will need to consider when choosing your kitchen. Find something that will fit into your style and your kitchen.

The bigger the space the more freedom there will be to add drainage boards, second and third basins, half basins and waste disposals.

What size of sink?

The size of your sink will not only depend on what you use it for, but your lifestyle will also have an impact. If you have a dishwasher then you may only need a small sink whereas if you have a large family and a lot of dishes to wash you may find that a larger sink is more suited to you.

What is a single bowl sink?

This type of sink is useful if you have a small kitchen and you don’t want to overpower it with a large sink. It has a single bowl.

What is a 1.5 bowl sink?

The big bowl allows you to rinse off or wash your dishes while the half bowl enables you to peel or prepare veg or drain your dishes whilst washing in the main bowl.

What is a double bowl sink?

This has two bowls and is ideal if you have a big family or even just a big kitchen with a collection or large pots and pans.

What is an inset sink?

This sink is the most common type of sink and will sit on a surface and can be compatible with any type of worktop. These are easy to fit as they can be dropped through the worktop and support themselves. It requires a hole to be cut into your worktop so that the sink bowl can sit underneath the base of the kitchen unit. It means that only the surface of the sink is visible – creating a clean cut design. Inset sinks often include a drainer too. 

What is an undermount sink?

Under-mounted sinks are much harder to fit and must be screwed into the bottom of the worktop. They are compatible with fewer worktop materials but will create a clean finish when paired with a waterproof worktop such as real solid wood or granite. It’s the waterproof joints that connect the sink to the counter top and give it the streamlined minimalistic look.

What is a sit-on sink?

The sit-on sink sits on top of the cupboard and acts as the worktop itself. It also requires no cut out so you don’t have to waste any worktop material. 

What is a stainless steel sink?

Stainless steel is a practical and most popular choice as it is hardwearing, long lasting, easy to clean and affordable. Stainless steel is available in a range of finishes – silk, polished, brushed and linen and they all have their own unique appearance. Look for a gauge of 18 or lower as the lower the number the thicker the sheet of stainless steel is which means it’s more durable and less prone to scratches. 

What is a composite sink?

Composite sinks are manufactured in stone and are incredibly hardwearing. They can withstand high temperatures and are hygienic. The various stones used in their composition means that there are a lot of variations in colour and texture. Composite stones can be made from a mixture of materials such as quartz, granite or acrylic materials, in addition to many others.

What is a ceramic sink?

For a traditional design in your kitchen, choose a fire-clay ceramic sink. This type of sink has incredible strength and doesn’t rust. It is also stain and heat resistant. It is available in a variety of colours so you can choose one to suit your kitchen. The glossy finish will give your kitchen added appeal and it is also available in different colours and styles so you can choose the one that best suits you. Ceramic sinks are hygienic, easy to wipe clean and are generally low maintenance, but they can chip or crack if heavy items are dropped in it. 

What is a reversible sink?

A reversible sink is used with drainers, it has tap holes that are already pre-cut at the front and back which enables the drainer to be used on the left or the right depending on your kitchen design.

What is a handed sink?

A handed sink has tap holes pre-cut at the back and therefore the drainer position is already left or right.

What is a waste kit?

A waste kit is used to prevent overflow in the sink, there are different types of waste kits available such as, square and basket strainer and bowl strainer which slot into the plug hole at the bottom of the sink. 




What is a Pillar Tap?

Pillar taps are traditional style taps, there is a separate tap for hot and cold water and they are usually the most affordable. 

What is a bridge tap?

Bridge taps have one faucet, one tap for hot water and one tap for cold water. They also have two valves and two mounting parts. 

What is a single lever tap?

This type of tap only has one handle which controls the hot and cold tap so that you can regulate the water temperature and turn it on and off easily. 

What is a dual lever tap?

This is similar to the single lever monobloc, except it has a dual lever which still allows for easy control of water flow and temperature. 

What is a filter tap?

Filter taps remove impurities such as: harmful bacteria, chlorine, lead and parasites and cysts - including cryptosporidium from the water by combining the under sink water filter with the kitchen tap so that your water tastes pure. The filter tap can be turned on and off. 

What is a pull-out spray tap?

This tap is used for extra control when washing dishes or food. The end of the tap can be detached from the main spout via a hose

What’s a chrome finish?

Chrome has a high shine finish but it needs to be well looked after and polished regularly to maintain that shine. However, it is durable. 

What’s a brushed finish?

A brushed finish gives the tap an eye catching sheen appearance and is long lasting. Brush finishes are available in both modern and traditional designs. 

Why do I need to consider water pressure?

Your home will have a maximum limit for water pressure which will differ for each home and area. If the water pressure exceeds this then it can cause harm to the plumbing fixtures in the house, it can also cause leaks.



What is graded stock?

Graded stock are items that High Street retailers can't sell on for various reasons. This may be because they are surplus stock, end of line/discontinued models, 30 day customer returns, unwanted gifts, or items with damaged packaging.

What type of graded stock does 3Pins sell?

3Pins sells graded televisions, graded cookers, graded refrigeration, and graded range cookers.  Our graded items have a detailed explanation of the condition of the item and only appear in this ‘Graded stock’ section of the website and our graded televisions also appear in the television section of the site.

What kind of Quality Control doe the Tvs undergo?

When the TVs come into us at 3Pins they are technically tested, processed, repackaged and offered for sale. Before sale, all televisions undergo a comprehensive quality control process by our engineers. In the majority of cases the item will be supplied with its original packaging and will be "as new" - the items we sell are not used. If the original packaging is not supplied we will supply other secure packaging to keep the TV well protected in transit.

Do graded tvs come with a guarantee?

All TVs sold on this website carry a 12 month 'return to base' warranty provided by ourselves (unless otherwise stated). Our guarantee on all of our products demonstrates our confidence in each and every product we sell. Upon collection the TV is unwrapped and you are given a demonstration of the TV for your peace of mind. This really is an amazing way to save hundreds off "Brand New" prices without sacrificing any of the quality or performance!



How do I measure the screen size?

Screen size is measured diagonally from corner to corner and only includes the actual visible screen itself, not the surrounding bezel

What screen size shall I go for?

This depends on how much space you have to fit your tv and how far you will be sitting from the tv In recent years the bezels surrounding the tvs have become narrower so you can fit more screen in the same space as you used to be able to.

What makes a good picture quality?

Resolution (how many pixels the TV screen is made up of. Generally, the higher the number of pixels, the more detailed the picture quality will be) and Processing rate (how fast the TV processes the screen changes). The higher the processing rate, the smoother the picture will be even in the most action-packed events such as films or sports.

What is a Full HD TV?

A Full HD TV has just over 2 million pixels comprising the picture (1920p horizontally x 1080p vertically).

What is a 4K Ultra HD TV?

This is the latest advancement in TV technology. These TVs have up to four times the number of pixels of a Full HD or 1080p TV, meaning you get an image that is up to four times sharper than a standard Full HD TV. A 4K Ultra HD TV has over 8 million pixels comprising the picture (3840p horizontally x 2160p vertically).

What is the quality of the picture like on a 4K TV?

The brightness of the colours, the sharpness of the images and the overall clarity of the picture are vastly improved.

What can I watch in 4K?

Blu-ray players that upscale standard Blu-ray discs to 4K quality are now available, whilst 4K Blu-ray discs are currently set to be available by the end of 2015. Currently, streaming services such as Amazon Instant Video and Netflix offer the best chance to view in 4K.

What is the difference between LED and OLED?

Both screen technologies provide bright, vivid colours when watching. OLED, however, is the latest in TV technology and produces deeper blacks and a smoother image, along with reduced motion blur.

What is the benefit of curved screens?

Developed to deliver a more immersive viewing experience for everyone watching, regardless of their angle, as well as offering the latest colour and depth enhancing technology.

What are Smart Tvs?

Smart TVs connect to your home internet connection, allowing you to browse applications and additional content that you may not otherwise have access to. In addition, Smart TVs can often connect to other Smart devices such as phones and tablets, enabling you to easily share content from one device to another.

What can I watch on Smart Tvs?

You can watch TV programmes from catch up services such as BBC iPlayer and All 4, as well as movie streaming options from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.  You can also access social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, YouTube for video sharing, plus a whole host of other lifestyle and news apps. Certain TVs also support Skype, which requires a webcam.