Teka is a European Industrial group founded in Germany in 1924. With over 90 years of experience Teka is a leading White Goods Manufacturer. Teka is the main sponsor of Real Madrid. 

Teka appliances come with a 5 year parts and labour guarantee and all qualifying appliances must be registered within 30 days of their purchase.


Image for Teka HL 840 B/I Sgl Electric Oven - St/Steel from PJH | Partners PortalTeka Ovens

Highly advanced technology to acheive perfect results. Kontract Teka ovens combining value, design and elegance. Saves energy and reduce consumption. Teka Kontract ovens now with A+ Energy rating that saves 20% more electricity than the previous range. Teka offers one of the most extensive oven ranges on the market, which combine to perfection the most sophisticated materials, the very best features and different cooking functions coupled with designs where the elegance and simple forms make all the difference in your kitchen. 

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Image for Teka MCL 32 BIS Combi Microwave - St/Steel from PJH | Partners Portal

Teka Microwaves

Teka microwaves can be combined horizontally or vertically with other Teka Compacts for the ultimate in high performance and sleek design. Teka microwaves are quick and really easy to use. Teka incorporates the latest technology to make your life easier, without compromising results. Teka has developed one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge, vertically-installed microwave ranges, its lastest, stylish Advand and Ebon appliances, awarded the Delta Adi-Fad industrial accolade for their meticulous, sleek design. Here at Teka, in several of our models, we have replaced glass turntables with ceramic bases that not only let you cook faster and save energy, but the cooking area is also more spacious and the compartment is easier to clean. 

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Image for Teka IRS 641 60cm Induction Hob - Black from PJH | Partners Portal

Teka Hobs

Teka offers the widest and most attractive hob range. From high tech Teka induction hobs to vitoceramic+gas hobs or traditionla gas hobs. Teka induction hobs are much safer, faster, cleaner and energy efficient hobs so that you can cook without limitations. Teka gas hobs have a really innovative design. Teka has developed a smart pot detection system in both its induction and its ceramic hobs. A ground-breaking mechanism, exclusive to the Teka range, which ensures delivery of the power level selected by the user in each cooking zone, regardless of pot type, guaranteeing your food is cooked at the ideal temperature!  

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Image for Teka DG3 70 70cm Chimney Hood - St/Steel from PJH | Partners Portal

Teka Cooker Hoods

Teka's cooker hoods are fitted with state-of-the-art motors to make them quieter. They feature an aspiration timer and include intelligent sensors that increase maintenance efficiency and energy saving.  Teka has a hood for every need. State-of-the-art multimedia technology available in your extractor cooker hood. Teka is the first trademark to put music in a decorative hood. iHood® is an innovative hood concept that boasts an iPod or iPhone connection so you can listen to your favourite music while making your stellar dishes. Teka’s DF 90 extractor cooker hood are fitted with a humidity sensor that not only regulates air extraction power automatically and autonomously, but also enables suitable speed, sound level, energy consumption and smoke extraction efficiency to be detected. Some of the market’s best performing hoods. Fitted with flame-retardant, polymer panels, Teka’s cooker hoods increase safety, avoiding direct contact with the motor and the electrical circuit. They also feature inside panels that make cleaning easier thanks to their compact, smooth surface that is free from sharp edges and corners preventing grease build-up. 

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Image for Teka TKI2300 Built In Larder Fridge from PJH | Partners Portal

Teka Refrigeration

Teka refrigerators deliver outstanding performance with lower A++ Energy consumption. Thanks to No Frost Technology and its Antibacterial system, your food will always be kept fresh.

Eco-friendly technology: Teka fridges are fitted with Eco-Fuzzy technology, which guarantees an automactic accurate and constant temperature control that adjusts seamlessly to the climate outside. The lower consumption, the higher the savings.  

Anti-bacterial protection: With a special silver lons-based coating. Teka refrigerators are fitted with a system that prevents bacteria and micro-organism build-up. It also prevents unpleasants odours from lurking inside your fridge. Some models include up to 4 anti-bacteria systems. 

A smart fridge: Teka's fridges are fitted with advanced electronic control systems and LCD displays that control and optimize the efficiency of your fridge. They feature not onlye a memory function that re-sets the selected temperature if there is a power cut, but also self-tests and a fast freeze and fast chill function. 

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Teka DW8 57FI Fully Integrated Std Dishwasher

Teka Integrated Dishwashers

Teka dishwashers not only leave your tableware pristine clean they also save water and reduce energy consumption. The new LP8 850 and DW7 67 Fi are fitted with a third rack, furnishing these dishwashers with greater load flexibility. This third rack can be arranged in 4 different ways depending on your needs. For example in a two-height load you can lower one half for high glasses and use the other for cutlery or coffee cups. Teka dishwashers allow you to delay the beginning of a programme to meet your needs. They also memorise deferred running if there’s a power failure and restart with the same parameters and from the position they stopped at. Your dishes ready whenever you need! The Hygiene Programme is a special programme for washing feeding bottles and dishware with only one wash and one rinse at 70ºC, delivering greater hygiene for your loved ones. Acuastop cuts off the water supply if there’s a leakage. Teka dishwashers detect any leak, both inside and in the water inlet pipe, ensuring your dishwasher is 100% safe.

Extremely quiet: The sound of Teka dishwashers is always below 49 decibels; lower noise emissions than those produced by a normal conversation. Don’t let your dishwasher ruin your siesta!

More in less space: Our diverse array of dishwashers lets you choose your model according to your space requirements. The LP 140 compact dishwasher delivers the same features as its larger counterparts -deferred programming, digital display, quick wash programme, A+ rating- in less space. 

Energy saving: The Eco programme is ideal for slightly soiled dishware or when your dishwasher is only half full. Its lower water and power consumption make it an environmentally friendlier programme. 


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Image for Teka LI2 1260 B/I Washing Machine from PJH | Partners Portal

Teka Laundry

Teka washing machines pamper the garments you love most. 

Washing machines with 9kg washing and 6kg drying load capacities, respectively, some of the largest on the market. They combine all the advantages of a top-range washing machine with the functions of a dryer that takes meticulous care of your clothes. Our washing machines reduce washing time by up to 60%. Teka’s free-standing washing machines offer a quick wash programme that freshens up your garments in only 15 minutes. They also feature an end-time delay function of up to 24 hours so that your laundry is ready just when you need it!

Some of our washing machines include a system that monitors all processes electronically, correcting any possible irregularities it might come across while a programme is running: an unexpected foam level, a poor load weight distribution, an unsuitable water level or an incorrect temperature for the fabric selected. 

We pamper your clothes and your skin: Teka washing machines feature a diverse array of washing programmes, over 5 drying programmes, and anti-allergy programme and a foam detection system, which not only care for your clothes, but for your skin as well.  

Sensible large-capacity washers: Only the most efficient washing machines are worthy of an A+++ ratin. We have created a washing machine with 7kg load capacity and the very best energy label, guaranteeing maximum washing performance with the lowest energy expenditure possible. An advantage you'll notice in your family's pocket.

Smart washing systems:  Our washing machines deliver greater washing accuracy and efficiency, automatically adjusting water consumption, energy and detergent according to the quantity of clothes. This means you can do your laundry and vary the load without having to change the programme or wait unitl your washing machine is full.


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